Alisa & brother Mike
Mike got the red!  Alisa not happy!



Alisa & Peanut at the County Fair


Jimmy & Silky - A Good Congress!


Sue & Larks Rugged Bid competing in Dressage



Alisa & Sue in Lead Line 1990

Sue & Tupelos Bid
(dam of above horse)
at a Dressage Show

Sue & Heza Lark Step - Circuit Champs in Trail


 Alisa and Erica in their Showmanship garb


Sue & Carmel Candy a LOOONG time Ago.
Notice the baby buggy!!!!
On a dirt track in Wisconsin

Keepin The Image and Mike, Regal Marie & Rich; Heza Lark Step with Alisa and Sue


 Alisa and Heza Lark Step showing their under saddle skills


 Alisa & Heza Lark Step
Alisa very young and no fear!

Just had to get our dogs somewhere on this website!

 This has got to be some kind of record!
7 World Championships, 2 Reserves


Some of our World Show Trophies and Neck Ribbons




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